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Rails App – Authentication Study

Caesar’s Cipher Study

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Birth and Bilinka Services

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Web Development 101 Study

Wordpress Site Creation

I'm much like an online "Interior Decorator".  Wordpress is my favorite Content Management System and choose from thousands of custom templates, adding in custom touches, plugins, logos and more.  I work pretty intuitively to solve all types of challenges that rise while putting a custom site together.

Wordpress Maintenance

I'm great with troubleshooting, keeping things in tip-top shape, and helping you keep your mind off of website stuff. I know Web hosting management platforms and how to keep Wordpress and Plugins up-to-date.

Pursuing More

While I've loved how far I've come with Wordpress and basic HTML/CSS, including my ventures into the Social Media aspects of web-presence, I'm ready to tackle the big leagues. I'm taking the Web Development Course with The Odin Project.


About Moi



    I'm an American expat enjoying sunny Ensenada.


    Have been working with Wordpress since 2004.


    I love my coffee from Café La Negrita.


    I love the Internet (especially understanding how to make it happen) and Gaming.  I am a total geek.


    Determined to be a web development ninja, I'm embarking on an adventure with The Odin Project.


    Sustainable Gardening and Permaculture are my lifeblood.

    "If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door."

    (Or build a website!)


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